Transforming Healthcare and
Senior Living Cultures by
Growing Compassionate Leadership

Practicing the Act of Compassion for Greater Patient Satisfaction & Happier, Long-Term Employees

The Challenges


The quality of patient care is no longer the only factor in determining reimbursement rates for healthcare facilities. Now, like never before, your patient’s experiences play a role in determining reimbursement. That means that employee burnout and turnover is more than just an expensive personnel hassle. It directly affects your facility’s income.
Add to that:

  • Staff recruitment challenges

  • High levels of staff disengagement – “presenteeism”

  • Faltering trust in leadership by staff and consumers

  • Leadership shortages…

  • increased risk of litigation from patients and staff

But there is a way to infuse consistent acts of compassion into patient care every day, despite the challenges we face in fulfilling our responsibilities. Because compassion is about action, not fleeting emotion. And compassion may well be the right action at the right time, to address these issues at their source—in our relationships.
The three core competencies of genuine leadership are compassion, trustworthiness, and courage. Simple enough, right? But not easy!

Dee Borgoyn is committed to helping organizations like yours dramatically improve patient satisfaction while you simultaneously retain happier employees. It starts with empowering your employees to serve with both compassion and boundaries through consistent behaviors. Working with Dee as a trusted adviser, you’ll feel confident that your entire team (from the Boardroom to the Bedside) acts as a powerful force of compassion providing BETTER patient care.

A Solution


The Compassion Projects

A Highly Customized 4-Week Implementation Program

This new and truly unique program will meet your organization where it is today, and take it from there to a fully compassion-trained, compassion-focused team of healthcare service providers who deliver superior patient care. Your team will:

  • Complete a pre-assessment on organizational culture and behaviors

  • Devise a strategy on how to make significant progress in Key Performance Indicators

  • Participate in strategic work sessions on the behaviors they need to consistently implement the mindful expression of compassion through their actions.

  • Discover how to measure the results and the difference their new compassion awareness is having on their patients and your bottom line.

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