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Training & Development Officers, Health Care and Senior Living Executives, Association Conference and Corporate Event Planners: Get your free copy of Dee’s book, 28 Ways of Compassion, a guide to real transformation in leadership and healthcare that is focused on relationships and culture, just by scheduling a 15 minute phone conversation. We’ll talk about your organization’s current goals and projects, and share resources that we may be able to offer to support your efforts and drive your mission forwards.

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Dee’s FREE Editor Resource Article Bank

Getting association members to contribute articles for newsletters or association journals on or before (or even after) editorial deadlines can put association editors under a lot of stress. That's why Dee is creating this FREE Article Bank for you to use for your association publications. These articles will focus on related Compassion Cultures & Leadership strategies and principles so that readers can extract immediate, put-into-action value from them.

The articles are in Word format, so you can do a "light" edit. Check back often as Dee will be adding new articles here on a regular basis. All articles are copyright © Denise Borgoyn LEADERSHIP.

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A "permission to reprint" form can be found on the first page of each article page. You can also view it here. 

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